Project Description

High Heat Transfer Efficiency BL350 S500 Swep Copper Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger


BES brazed plate heat exchanger is used to exchange heat between two fluids. Brazed plate heat exchanger has the characteristics of high performance, compact structure and light weight. High efficient heat exchange performance reduces the amount of cooling water required for heat transfer, thus reducing the operation cost.

Production feature

– Compact Size and Easy Installation
– Less Cooling Water Required than Shell-and-Tube Heat Exchanger
– Lighter Weight than Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger
– Optimized Fouling Coefficient to Reduce the Cleaning Frequency
– Can Customize Thread as Requirement

BL350 Brazed plate heat exchanger-01

Pipe Types

Connection types

Fluid Flow principle in Brazed plate heat exchanger

The basic flow principle in BES brazed heat exchanger is parallel (except dual system BPHE) and current flow, this design can achieve the most efficient heat transfer performance. Normally the connections are located on one side of the heat exchanger, this design make easier for installation.

Flow principle in Evaporator brazed plate heat exchanger

In Brazed plate heat exchanger, the two media flow always in opposite directions, it is called current flow. The two phases refrigerant (vapor + liquid) enters the bottom left of the exchanger with a vapor quality depending on the operating condition of the application. Evaporation of the liquid phase takes place inside the channels and some degrees of superheat are always requested.

Flow principle of Brazed plate condensers

Same components as for the evaporator. The hot gas refrigerant enters at top left of the exchanger and starts to condense on the surface of the channels until fully condensed, sub cooling also requested.

Packing Method: Wooden box or carton box

BL350 Copper Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger Product Data

Model type BL350
Cross reference Swep S500T
Width A(mm) 304
Height B(mm) 979
Thickness E(mm) 9+2.28N
Horizontal port Distance C(mm) 179
Vertical port Distance D(mm) 854
Frame/Connection Material SS304
Plate Material SS304/SS316L
Brazing Material Copper
Max Plate 300
Max Pressure [MPA] 3
Max Flow Rate[M3/H] 100
Weight(KG) 35+0.99N
Brazed plate heat exchanger dimensions

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