Project Description

APV Gaskets and Plates

BES supplies APV plate heat exchanger gasket and plate replacements. APV Model List as below.

APV SR1 APV SR1 Clip APV SR-2 APV  SR-3 APV SR6AA APV  SR6AG APV  SR9 PV Pasilac M92 (Tipo 1730)
APV SR23 APV SR23PV APV SR14AD APV SR14AH APV SR14AN APV SR14AP APV R5 Clip APV Pasilac M107 (Tipo 1736
APV R4-R405 APV R8GI APV A085 APV TR9AV APV B063 APV Pasilac T4 APV Pasilac T4 Clip APV Pasilac T4 Clip
APV Q030D APV Q055D APV Q080D APV R5 APV Pasilac R55 APV Pasilac N35 Clip APV Pasilac N50 APV Pasilac Tipo 1070K
APV Q030E APV Q055E APV Q080E APV R5 APV Pasilac M60 APV Pasilac K55 Clip APV Pasilac Tipo 1025 APV Pasilac N35 (Tipo 1056)
APV J060 APV J092 APV J107 APV J185 APV B063S APV B110 APV B134 APV Pasilac M107 (Tipo 1736
APV B158 APV B205S APV B205L

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