Project Description

BS30, BS60H, BS100H Sanitary gasket Plate Heat Exchanger for food and beverage


BES Sanitary gasket plate heat exchanger consists of corrugated metal plates with corner holes for heat transfer between two fluids. The plates are assembled with a movable pressure plate between the fixed frame plates and compressed by tightening bolts. The gasket is installed on the plate to seal the channel and guide the fluid to the alternative channel. The number of plates is determined by the flow rate, the physical properties of the fluid, the pressure drop and the temperature. The corrugation of the plate promotes fluid turbulence to achieve high heat transfer efficiency. The plate is suspended between the up and down guide rods to fix it.

Production advantages

– In a specific acid environment, it has better corrosion resistance than normal carbon steel frame plate heat exchanger.
– High heat transfer coefficient: The special corrugated design on the heat transfer plate can make the fluid form strong turbulence at extremely low flow velocity, and the self-purification effect of turbulence can prevent the generation of dirt, so that the heat transfer coefficient of the plate heat exchanger is 3-5 times compared with the tube Shell heat exchanger.
– Economical: Under the premise of the same heat exchange capacity, compared with the shell and tube type: less investment, low operating costs, low maintenance costs.
– Adjustability: Only need to increase and decrease the plate to meet the requirement of process changes.
– Compact structure: the occupied space is only 1/2-1/3 compared with the shell and tube type.
– Easy to clean and maintain.

Sanitary gasket plate heat exchanger-02

Product Configuration

product configuration

Main components material:

Frame material: SS304
Plate material: SS304, SS316L, Titanium, SMO254
Gasket material: food grade NBR, food grade EPDM, food grade viton

Special application:

Food and Beverages, especially for milk pasteurization and beer pasteurization

Packing Method: Wooden box or carton box

Sanitary gasket Plate Heat Exchanger Product Data

Height H[mm] 480 940 1084
Width W[mm] 180 320 470
Max Length L[mm] 620 1445 1810
Vertical port Distance VC(mm) 357 640 719
Horizontal port Distance HC(mm) 60 140 225
MAX Pressure[barg] 10 10/16 10/16
Port Size Pipe 1 1/4″ DN50/2″ DN100/4″
Max water flow rate [m3/h] 18 36 140
product dimensions

Our service

  • Sample order with fast delivery time

  • Fast reply to your inquiry within 8 hours

  • OEM service is also accepted

  • We can design the best solution for you based on your technical information within 8 hours


Yes, we accept sample order for quality test. Mixed samples are acceptable.

Sample needs 1-3 days, quantity production needs 7-15days based on the order quantity.

Yes, we support wholesale of different product combinations.

For sample order ,we usually ship by DHL, UPS, FedEx or TNT. It usually takes 5-7 days to arrive.

BES can design the heat exchanger within 2 hours for you when you supply us technical information.

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